THROW AWAY YOUR PHONES and Other Ways to Get Rid of Acne

The other day I saw an article about how the UV light from your phone screen is damaging to your skin. And I knew that the light on your phone was a UV light and I knew that UV rays are bad for your skin, but I never put the two together and thought about how damaging your phone can be.

A couple years ago when I started getting acne (s/o adult acne!!) I noticed that it started on my cheeks in a line from my ear to my mouth and that was the place it was hardest to get rid of. I talk on the phone all day so it wasn’t that hard to figure out that that’s where it was coming from. (Not so fun fact: There are more germs on your phone than on a toilet) I mean it doesn’t explain the acne on every other part of my face, but my phone clearly was not helping in those areas.

Obviously I don’t think your actually going to grow your phone away. A lot of our lives are looking at screens, your looking at one now (unless you like printed this out or something, which, why would you do that). Despite the dramatic title, I really only suggest that you clean your phone with an alcohol wipe every once in a while and maybe try to be on your phone a little less, which would probably be good for your mental and social health too, not just your skin. (I’m not a doctor though so don’t take my word for it)

Other ways to help your acne include drinking water (how many times have you heard that one before? But I said it anyways because if your anything like me you need constant reminders), witch hazel, and vitamin c.

You can find witch hazel in the first aid section of everywhere and just use it as a toner or you can buy an actual toner that has witch hazel in it. I’ve done both and both work, this is the toner I use.

Vitamin C is the best thing you can do for your skin. I will literally use anything with vitamin c in it. It makes your skin glow and helps with acne and getting rid of scars. In my first post I wrote all about how much I love it. I still use Ole Henriksen’s Truth line.

Lastly, please don’t touch your face. I know it’s hard, I pick and pop and scratch at any tiny bump I see on my face. But don’t do it!!! It makes everything look worse and actually get worse.

I would love to hear what you would recommend for treating acne, leave me comments!!!


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