JE NE SE QOUI: Effortlessly Cool Parisian Makeup


I don’t know about any of you, but when I’m planning a trip the first thing I think of is what makeup I’m going to bring. And I love the French girl approach to makeup. My makeup bag is already packed for my next trip to France even though I haven’t gotten my plane ticket yet (seriously).

French girls makeup is so effortless and cool, which is what I aspire to be if we’re being honest. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever stop wearing false eyelashes. (Ive mastered putting them on in like a minute so pretty effortless if you ask me)

The first step to Parisian makeup is skincare. They take skincare very seriously and start at a young age. A full face of full coverage foundation isn’t going to look very effortless so having a perfect base is really important. (A skincare routine will come in a different post)

Celebrity Sightings In Paris  -  July 06, 2015

As far as makeup, when I want to look effortless I don’t wear foundation. Instead I use a full coverage concealer, Cover FX Cream Concealer, just to dab over any imperfections like scars or redness. Pat, don’t rub, this into your skin to blend it. For my undereyes I use a more creamy concealer. I love the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer for this and I use my fingers or a beauty blender to apply it.

For the eyes, the goal is to look like you couldn’t be bothered to take last night’s makeup off (you should never actually sleep in your makeup, we just want to look like we do). Creams are easier to work with in this case. I use a cream eyeshadow stick, in either black or brown, and use my finger to smudge it a little. Then just do your brows, put on eyeliner, and a lot of mascara (or fake lashes, whatever). If your going for a messier look, I’ve seen French girls rub lip balm over their eyeshadows to smudge it even more.


The last step would be the lips. I use a nude lip liner all over and then a balm or gloss over top so it doesn’t look dry.

UPDATE: I cannot believe that I forgot the most important step ( to me at least), bronzer!! Use bronzer to make you look healthy and sun kissed, not as a contour.  Put it only where the sun would hit you. Forehead, cheekbones, jaw line…


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