SEXY SMOKEY EYES: a la Pamela Anderson in 3 simple steps

Everyone knows smokey eyes and nude lips are my go to look. Which is why I live for Pamela Anderson’s makeup. I mean I live for pretty much everything she does… the makeup… dating rockstars… sticking up for animal rights… she’s the best. And her signature look will never go away (at least not if I have anything to do with it).

Image result for young pamela anderson makeup

Step 1

Use a cream eyeshadow or a creamy eyeliner to make a super thick wing. Like, really thick, we’re not trying to be subtle. My fave cream eyeshadows are these from Rimmel. They make the eyeshadows stick better, last longer, and look darker.  Pamela uses a little card thing (descriptive words 101) made by her makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, that you line up from the side of your nose to the corner of your eye to create a perfect edge for your cat eye. I honestly just hope for the best and use a baby wipe to clean up any messes, but if you think you need help creating a straight edge, use something (tape, a business card, the little card thing) to make it easier for yourself. It doesn’t even have to look perfect because we’re going to cover it.

Step 2

Next take a black eye shadow and pat it over the wing, covering the cream shadow. Pamela Anderson is not a fan of natural makeup (and neither am I); in Harper’s Bazaar she said, “It’s all about bringing back the bombshell. Everyone wants natural beauty, but natural beauty still takes an hour and a half, so you might as well have fun with it.” In my mind I read this as “don’t be shy with the black eye shadow.”

Step 3

Use a dark brown eye shadow or your bronzer (it looks like she wears grey sometimes too) to blend the top edge of the black eye shadow. This will give you a smokey look rather than just a super thick wing.

Image result for pamela anderson makeup

And that’s it! Just add eyeliner and lashes and your done!


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