LAST ALL NIGHT LONG: My Favorite Long-Lasting Red Lip

Back in December, while holiday shopping, I decided to just have a quick look into Sephora (which is never actually quick). I must’ve been subconsciously searching for a red lipstick because half my arm was covered in almost identical shades of red. Usually, I avoid the Sephora employees at all costs (have you seen the “I know more than you”memes?) because they convince me to buy all these products that I would’ve never bought on my own and don’t actually work. But on this day, when the employee came up to me to ask if I needed help, I had to ask what lip color she was wearing. “It’s this one from Make Up Forever, let me show you!” And although I was supposed to be buying gifts for other people, I had to pick it up for myself.

When I was getting ready that night, I had to try out my new red. I’m talking about the MakeUp Forever Artistic Lip Ink, btw. It comes in a little ink pot, it looks like a nail polish, with a brush included. It’s easy to paint onto the lips but I would suggest a lip liner. The red is a true red color, like really red. It feels nice on the lips, almost like an oil but it doesn’t move.

When I got home later that night (read: early the next morning), my lipstick was still on. A few clubs, a couple bars, and maybe a friends house later and my lip color hadn’t moved. I’ve worn it a few times since then and I can promise this lip color will stay on no matter what you put it through.

Image result for makeup forever artistic lip inkAfter I was done writing this and was trying to link the product, I found out that this was a limited edition product (I’m the worst, I know). But I still thought I would share it with you because I saw it at my local Sephora when I was there last week (also on some makeup sites out of the country). So hopefully you will have luck. Also, incase it ever becomes readily available (it’s so good, im sure they’ll bring it back), you’ll know to grab it. Additionally, here is a link to dupes of the product.

If you know any long-lasting lip products (that are actually available), comment below.


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