THE IMPORTANCE OF SPF: Why I Wear Sunscreen 24/7

Im not a doctor or your mom so I’m not going to tell you the same things you’ve probably heard a million times. “Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or you will get cancer and die!!!” And while I know cancer is a very serious problem and not something to joke about, it’s not why (or not the only reason why) I wear sunscreen (literally) all the time.

First of all let me start by saying that I love the smell of sunscreen. It just smells so beachy and exciting. I don’t know what it is but nobody can resist the smell of it. No matter how expensive and yummy my perfume is people will never compliment you like they do when your wearing sunscreen. You know when you smell something familiar and you linger for a minute trying to remember what it reminds you of? People always hang around a little longer to try and guess what scent I’m wearing. “It reminds me of –whatever perfume I’m wearing– but better….” Surprisingly, not many people guess that I’m combining Tom Ford with tanning oil (because why would you wear sunscreen to the club?)

Other than smelling amazing, sunscreen makes your skin look SO GOOD. It adds this shhen to your skin, I can’t describe it, it just looks better. And it’s super moisturizing so it leaves your skin really soft. I think I remember reading in a book once that sunscreen on its own can reverse the signs of aging (it’s true I googled it). I mean it’s not going to miraculously erase all your sun damage, but it can help.

Like any other beauty products, I use different sunscreens for different occasions. Everyday I use either Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic depending on what I’m doing and how glowy I want to be. These are my favorites because they have instant bronzer and are a little shimmery (Hawaiian tropic has more shimmer,FYI.) so it adds that sheen that makes your skin look 10x better.

[Side note: Theres a photography secret, I’m calling it a secret because I tried googling it and found nothing, that someone told me once where they tell you to put sunscreen on in pictures because it makes your skin look good on camera. When I googled it all that came up were pictures of why you should wear sunscreen (honestly horrifying), so I’m not sure if this is real either but I thought I would mention it.]

Every night when I’m going out I put tanning oil on any part of my body that isn’t covered by clothes. I feel like this is self explanatory, but judging by the looks I get when I tell people about this, it’s not. Think of any time you’ve tanned and how shiny and smooth the oil made your skin. Now think of how good that would look at night. Amazing right?!

P.S think of all the money you’ve spent on beachy smelling perfumes or body sprays (hi bath and body works) when you could’ve just spent $5 on a bottle of sunscreen and also had amazing skin.

P.P.S. (P.S.S? I can never get this right) Fuck cancer!


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