MUGSHOT MAKEUP: How to Look Good in Pictures

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I love a good mugshot picture. I personally have never had to take on but I can appreciate someone who can manage to look goood in them. The closest thing to a mugshot picture I’ve taken is a passport picture, and I can’t imagine it being much worse.

Image result for paris hilton mugshot
The last one is just unfair.


When it was time for me to take a new passport picture last year I was ecstatic! My old picture was a disaster. I was about 12 and it was taken super close and from a high angle, like a weird myspace picture. I spent the morning doing my hair and makeup with crazy precision, everything had to be just so. I even put on a cute choker and a top that showed off my collarbones. This was going to be the best passport picture ever, I was sure of it!

“Hi I need to take a passport picture.”  “Take off your necklace.” Um… Ok.  I followed the post office worker to the blank wall and stood where she told me. “Your hair can’t be in you face.” She looked unamused. “Oh, is it in my face?” I barely adjusted it, I didn’t want to ruin my perfectly styled bangs. “No. Put it behind your ears.” What? I pushed my hair behind my ears. “All of it has to be behind your ears.” A tiny piece of hair fell forward, I pushed it back. It’s okay. It’ll still turn out fine. I smiled. “You can’t smile.” Omg. She took the picture and turned to walk away. “Wait. That was it?” I’m not sure why, but I was confused. She looked a little confused too. “….do you want to look at it?” Um. Duh!! I think she felt bad for me a little because I gasped when I saw the picture. “We can take another…” Yes please.

I got back into position. I knew all the rules now so nothing could go wrong. I pushed my hair back and smiled. Oh wait. I closed my mouth. No, I don’t want to look angry. I barely turned up the corners of my mouth into a soft smile and she walked away. Did she take it? I wasn’t ready. I didn’t think it could be that bad, (I was wrong) and I didn’t have to show it to anybody, right? (Wrong again. I have to whip it out every time I go to the airport.) She came back with 2 copies of my new passport picture! I look like an egg. I wish I was lying when I tell you that the TSA man looked at my picture and LAUGHED at me while I was traveling over the summer.

The photographer (at the post office) was obviously not a friend that’s going to take 70 almost identical pictures of you and then 55 more when you decide that you look bad in all of them. And I’m sure the photographer at the Santa Monica Police Department isn’t either (but somehow Lindsay Lohan looked amazing), which is why I believe you should always be photo ready.

Image result for lindsay lohan mugshot

Rule number 1 to being photo ready is to know your poses. Think Derek Zoolander and Blue Steel. Know your pose and commit it to muscle memory so when you see a camera your body just poses without having to think about it. Rule number 2 is lighting. In any situation you can control it make sure you are facing the light source. Light from above or below or any other angle will make weird shadows on your face and make you look bad. If you can’t move the light source, tilt your face towards it. (like up towards the sun if you’re outside)

The next step would be to be naturally photogenic. Unfortunately, we can’t all be a supermodel (unfair, I know) but as always, there’s a beauty product for that! Here are my top 5 (top 5 top 5) mugshot makeup tips:

[Also good for passport pictures, headshots, school pictures, etc.]

1. Highlighter: Use a liquid or cream highlighter before your foundation. A powder highlight can sometimes be a little strong and make you look shiny or oily. Highlighter under your foundation will shine through and give you a more natural looking glow.

2. Foundation: You want a foundation that you know photographs well. If you have one, use it. If not, I recommend Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation. Smashbox started as a photo studio, so I guess they know a lot about photo makeup, and this foundationwas made to look good in every lighting.

Image result for smashbox foundation

3. Contour: As demonstrated by Lindsey Lohan, contour can really make a mugshot. Use a cream contour to add dimension where natural shadow are (cheekbones, jaw, forehead, nose if your into it), not to change the shape of your face. Unless your a pro at contouring (like really a pro), trying to change the shape of your face will be very noticable and look a little crazy.

4. Lashes: Why do lashes always disappear in pictures? I wish I knew. What I do know is that fake eyelashes look SO GOOD in pictures. Strip lashes look best but can easier look will look (you guessed it) fake, individuals look more natural. Ardell Knot Free Flares are the best.

Image result for ardell knot free flare

5. Pressed Powder: Once youre done with your entire face and have set everything, take a pressed powder and really buff it over your entire face. It won’t move your makeup and it won’t make you look cakey, I promise. This will blend and blur all your makeup into your skin making it look like the snapchat filter that makes your skin look a million times better, I know you know whih one I’m talking about.

And although this next one has nothing to do with beauty, it’s one of my faves, and I just have to post it.

Image result for justin bieber mugshot


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